BERT KLEIN (Producer & Director) has been an animator on such movies as Hercules,
Fantasia 2000 (Rhapsody In Blue),
and Treasure Planet. At Warner Bros. he was a
Supervising Animator on
Looney Tunes: Back in Action, the Director of Animation on Fat
Albert: the Movie,
and lead animator on The Simpsons Movie.  He animated on Disney's
The Princess and the Frog, Winnie The Pooh, and Wreck-It Ralph and served as co-producer
The Chestnut Tree. Bert produced a feature documentary called Candyman: The David
Klein Story
, about his father who invented Jelly Bellies in 1976.

JENNIFER CARDON KLEIN (Producer, Director, Screenplay) started in the industry
as an animator at Warner Bros. and went on to animate at Dreamworks and Disney on
such features as
Iron Giant, El Dorado, and The Emperor's New Groove. She has also
worked as a story artist at Disney and Universal. Jennifer co-produced Picnic's first film
The Chestnut Tree and Candyman:The David Klein Story.

HYUN-MIN LEE (Assistant director) is an animator from Seoul, South Korea. She came
to the United States in 2000,  has a degree in painting from Wesleyan University and a
Masters degree in animation from the California Institute of the Arts.  She trained with
animators Eric Goldberg and Bert Klein at Disney and animated on Disney's
Princess and the Frog
and Winnie The Pooh, and served as a supervising animator on
Paperman. Hyun-min directed Picnic's first film, The Chestnut Tree, which was nominated
for two Annie Awards in 2008.

PAUL WILLSON (Voice Talent) is a veteran character actor that has appeared in Cheers,
Office Space, Curb your Enthusiasm,
and countless other television series and films.

PHILIP PROCTOR (Voice Talent) is an actor and comedian whose extensive career
includes voice work for films such as
The Lion King and The Iron Giant and his years
with the comedy troupe
Firesign Theatre. He also played Howard on Rugrats (with a star
on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and three Daytime Emmys); Seahorse Bob in
, Charlie in Monsters, Inc., the drunken French Monkey in Eddie Murphy’s Dr.
series, and a Chef in Spirited Away.

STEVEN MORRELL (Composer) holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in music, the
latter from the Eastman School in Rochester, NY. He says about
Pups of Liberty: "I
jumped at the chance to work on this project because I simply love animation. It gives
the composer the greatest opportunity to help shape and develop characters; to really
bring the film to life."

JAMES LOPEZ (Production Designer)  was Supervising Animator on Disney's Hercules,
The Emperor's New Groove
, and Home on the Range and animated on Dreamworks’ Flushed
and The Bee Movie. He has served as Production Designer and Art Director for
Pups of Liberty. Most recently he animated on Disney's The Princess and the Frog and
Winnie The Pooh

MARK HENN (Supervising Animator) is a veteran supervising animator of Disney
films. Over almost 30 years he has brought to life Ariel the Mermaid, Belle, Princess
Jasmine, Young Simba from
The Lion King,  Mulan, and Disney's newest princess Tiana.
He lends his extraordinary talent to the
Pups of Liberty as supervising animator and key
character developer.  

ERIC GOLDBERG (Animator, Voice Talent) is a treasure of the animation community
with his unique style that he has applied to such characters as the Genie in
Aladdin and
which made
Fantasia 2000's Rhapsody is Blue so memorable. He has recently finished up
supervising on Disney's
The Princess and the Frog.

BARRY ATKINSON (Background Supervisor) has been key background artist and art
director for such studios as Walt Disney, Dreamworks, and Don Bluth, among many
Lion King, An American Tail, Prince of Egypt, and Fantasia 2000 all came to life
with Barry’s background images gracing the screen.  

TONY DEROSA (animator) was a Disney supervising animator for such characters as
Nala in
The Lion King and Zeus in Hercules. He has currently finished work supervising
The Princess and the Frog and Winnie The Pooh.

FRANS VISCHER (animator) is best known as the supervising animator of Darla
Dimples in Turner's
Cats Don't Dance. This soccer fanatic was also a lead animator on
El Dorado, and animated on Disney's The Princess and the Frog and Winnie
The Pooh
. He has recently authored and illustrated a popular children's book, "Fuddles".